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Our design and technology is important to us.

It ensures that we provide our customers with the very best money can buy, with this in mind, we have left no stone unturned and strive for perfection by having total control of all the manufacturing, assembling and testing processes.  These are just some of the reasons that your detron device will far exceed any expectation you may hold of a rotary table.

Join the detron family by owning one of the best products available

Our quality is validated by our unlimited warranties. We provide expert local sales and engineering support, hosting the very best in special design technology, with bespoke solutions for almost any process.

Years of testing our own products and those manufactured by others has allowed us to provide a range of solutions that reach the very highest standards, giving longevity of performance, high speeds, superb operational clamping forces, design rigidity for heavy duty machining. In addition we have very high accuracy options, not offered as standard by others and fully sealed covers to protect the electrical installation. There are also clearly signed extra ports for adding additional options, or to enable you to service your own device.

Did you know? We are the only company in the market who currently include a cable tensioner as part of the standard equipment we provide you with.

You'll also receive all the relevant holding down equipment and tooling, together with full documentation and a detailed parameter set specific to your device and machine for your own records.

We offer a wide range of warranty options.

We are so proud of our quality, we offer our new family members an additional 12 months warranty over and above the standard 12 months. All you have to do is register your device on this site to obtain that additional benefit. You can do that by following the link.

Join the detron family by owning one of the best products available.

Unrivalled unlimited warranty options
expert local sales and service support engineers
industry-leading specialist design solution team
Bespoke solutions for almost any process

Take a closer look at just some of the reasons that detron is beyond expectation.

The wormwheel

The detron wormwheel is manufactured from a patented material that provides a reduction in wear characteristics of up to 260% above that of some alternative brands. This together with the dual lead worm system, which has a deeper tooth form around 25% larger than a worm on a conventional table of a similar size. This dual lead format is similar to that used by the larger diameter table manufacturers, which facilitates more gear contact, additional strength, reduction in wear and less noise and distortion during operation, than that of a cartridge based system or those using cartridge based jacking systems.

Dual lead system

The dual lead system provides for more accurate adjustment and setting, resulting in higher accuracy of position over a much longer period of time. The shaft is supported in a wormshaft bushing which houses the shaft bearing, this removes potential damage or wear to the wormshaft housing, ensuring higher concentricity and more accurate running for its lifetime.

The main spindle

At detron our main spindle has an integrated YRT bearing, providing a more solid spindle structure and in turn far greater rigidity in operation. This really comes into its own when heavy milling or contour milling. Vibration during cutting can reduce the life of the table dramatically so this is an extremely important consideration in our design.

Pneumatic braking

Our pneumatic braking system is designed to maximise the rigidity of the clamped device and incorporates our patented dual piston brake technology, giving balanced support to all areas of the device, this avoids possible brake distortion and the lack of performance found in single piston systems.

Hydraulic clamping

The hydraulic clamping models include our original and exclusive design of fully enclosed drum ring, which means no possibility of brake drum leakage, allowing us to use higher hydraulic input pressures for even better locking performance.

Fully-sealed system

Once we have produced the very best device on the inside, we have added a fully sealed motor cover on the outside. This resolves that long held issue of coolant ingress both to the body of a table and the covers, filling the device with coolant and destroying the electrical installation. The motor cover has a fully machined groove and Trelleborg seal, to ensure complete protection.

the detron difference can be found in the detail.

We have added a clearly marked output port already machined and fitted with a locking screw.

By removing this screw and adding in its place, a tailstock brake pipe, you are automatically linking the correct braking functions for the detron bearing tailstock, without having to add extra holes in your motor cover for its connection.

Over many years rotary table users have experienced issues with trailing connecting cables.

We provide a free extending and retracting cable carrier with your table, to ensure that this problem never befalls a detron family member.

detron has in place a relationship with a host of specialised chuck and equipment manufacturers.

This helps us to ensure that we can replicate any existing rotary or prismatic tooling setups on alternative devices. We also have a wide range of trunnion systems available as standard options to enhance the functionality of our devices.

At detron, we are ready and waiting to provide you with any specialised design solution for any machining task, contact us now via the link.



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